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When we come home after a tiring day, we love to switch on the TV to watch our favorite show. Binge-watching our favorite movies and shows bring us joy and relaxation. For some people, it is essential to tune in to the news religiously. Many sports fans tune in to watch their favorite teams in action, while a few nature enthusiasts like to watch nature shows from around the globe. Watch your favorite sports team in action from the comfort of your recliner on one of these LED TVs. The thin LED tv set will fit nicely on your entertainment center, or you can hang it on your wall. Gather around with friends, and family while munching your favorite chips and witness your favorite sports team score victory. You can purchase smart TV or ultra HD TV online merely by logging on to Farosh. We have a vast range of Tv models from famous brands. You can buy LED TVs in Pakistan from Samsung, Vizio, and LG that come in a variety of sizes, along with different screen clarity. Some even come with Internet capabilities so you can watch a show or movie from Netflix.


TV Price in Pakistan

You can check and compare the prices of LCD TVs in Pakistan in various sizes and brands at Farosh. You will notice that our website exhibits the best affordable prices online in Pakistan. The great thing about shopping for TVs at Farosh is that you can access this online store any time of the day, from the convenience of the comfort of your home. To browse Farosh, all you need is Wi-Fi and eye for the best prices in the market. 


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By using our platform you can easily experience secure online shopping for LED TVs and other digital media. Once your order is placed, you will receive the order in a few day at your given address without any hassle.